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  SKL VDS26/20
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01th May Day
10th Ascension
21th Pentecost Monday
MRTS Motoren Reparatur & Technikservice GmbH in Mukran
 The company's head office is located at the Ferry Terminal of Sassnitz. The manager is a highly experienced technical ships engineer, his team consists of a master mechanic and several experienced mechanics. 
 The company's main area of expertise is the repair, maintenance and refurbishment of ship diesel motors and boilers, high pressure fuel injection systems etc,. A major aspect is that MRTS does not have to wait for the work to come to them, they are ready to go to where they are needed, taking with them the highest quality of German workmanship. All work is carried out to the highest classification standards. One example being, the Icelandic fishermen, a people renowned for their knowledge of fishing and fishing vessels, regularly send for their services. 
 Due to their high reputation gained over the years, not only are their skills needed for small fishing vessels but also for factory ships and ferries and also for the land based systems belonging to the Ferry Terminal of Sassnitz. 
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Island of Ruegen

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SKL VD26/20
6 VDS 48/42 AL-2
MaK M20
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