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  SKL VDS26/20
  MaK M20
  MaK M32C
May 2018 
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01th May Day
10th Ascension
21th Pentecost Monday
 Independence from the telephone and office hours
 How things were
 Remember how it used to be? We make you an offer, you are in agreement with the prices and delivery times and so you placed your order.

The ball is now in our court!

We acknowledge your order in writing, as is proper. As a rule, the delivery times are met, but are subject to delivery to the warehouse. If everything goes to plan, the consignment will be shipped, but, if one of the suppliers deliver late, then your goods are delayed. We tried to contact you by phone or send you a fax but you were busy or in an important meeting etc,.

 How things could be
 Naturally you still receive written confirmation. This will not change! All you need, is a simple internet access from your normal office computer. As one of our customers we offer you an on-line tracking system, whereby, you can really save time and money.

Three times every day, our on-line data is updated giving you up-to-date information as to the state of your order or delivery. If one of our suppliers were to be delayed, you can make alternative plans for the delivery yourself! The fact that you have access to all your information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you don't need us to talk you through the problem.
 Further benefits
 Due to the very nature of the tracking system, you can trace each and every order and article back in its history allowing you to control the stock levels you have and be able to monitor wear and tear of your machinery, giving you the ability to pre-order ahead of time. Which in turn saves further time, money and nerves.
 Dear customer
 If we can make any additions to this program that would help you more, just let us know and if it is possible we will expand our services for you.
Don't forget! You can always reach us by telephone.

We are here for you!

 For customers of our company we offer an automatic tracking service.
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 MDO parts for

SKL VD26/20
6 VDS 48/42 AL-2
MaK M20
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